Nosumor Exhibition


  • Standard USB-HID Keyboard Device
  • Refresh rate:1000hz , Latency <3ms.
  • 5keys(cherryMX x2,microswitch x3, can be set to any key value, even combination key)
  • 2 cherryMX switch are fixed with steel plate(keyboard can work with long lifetime)
  • Use photoresistance to make the light adapt to the ambient light
  • Light effect have some option(like change with hit speed or flicker)
  • Can change the de-jitter time(after long time work, keys will behavior bad, change dejitter can avoid “Double-click problem”)
  • Can updata firmware with the setting program.
  • lab mat is sticky, nosumor can cling to the desk.

Setting Program


Default Light

Player Show


Pmma Shell

Shell made of aluminum